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To be perfectly accurate, all diamonds are antiques. After all, they’re pretty old, cooking in the intense heat and pressure of the earth for hundreds of millions of years. That pretty much qualifies them as antiques. And therein lies a big part of their attraction. It takes an awfully long time to turn a black, dusty lump of coal into a perfectly clear, sparkling diamond. The process itself results in the diamond’s unprecedented hardness and crystal stability. A diamond therefore is the perfect symbol of longevity – the longevity of your love for the woman who receives this remarkable and rare gift.

Universal Beauty
Whatever it may be that your girlfriend loves, remember that you can never go wrong with diamonds. All girls love diamonds – and the bigger the better. Add to the diamond ring, the charm of antiquity and you have a master piece. Actually, the more unique and special the engagement ring is, the better the response it is likely to get.

You have a choice to get the antique diamond engagement ring made of gold and/or platinum. Today many people also love silver, some like the silver to be oxidized as well as the diamonds (these would be small and set in rows of four or five). In this way, there are many choices to choose from. Your budget will dictate in the end what you should buy. However, if money is not a problem, then by all means go for an original antique diamond engagement ring which will cost much more than its actual value.

Some Options For The Setting
There is no need to be upset if you cannot afford the original antique diamond engagement ring. Most of the big name showrooms can copy whatever you show them in identical replicas. You may tell them the time frame you have in mind and the style you want copied. Then just lay back and enjoy it. This will also be expensive; however; it might be more affordable then the original and it can still totally floor your would-be wife.

This is of course is not the occasion where you should be stingy; as a matter of fact you should never try to cut corners when buying a gift for your girlfriend that will become your wife one day. Make her feel special and give her the exquisite antique diamond engagement ring in a replica if not the original. After all, as clichéd as it may sound, it is the thought that counts!

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