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There are probably thousands of different engagement rings available to you within a few miles of your home. Jewelry stores and even large general retail stores have counters sprinkled with hundreds of choices. That may be fine for most people, but your love is different. It’s unique. You want something that expresses your commitment in a way no one else can express it. You want to create your own custom made engagement ring. Yes, it will take a bit more time, and more creativity on your part. But the last thing you want is to present your intended with a ring, only to realize that she’s seen is somewhere before – or, even worse, on someone else’s hand!

Ask The People Who Know
If you have no hang ups about it, you could take her along with you when you shop for the ring. However, there is another extremely easy way out - a custom made engagement ring. This tradition of giving a ring is very old indeed. For a custom made engagement ring, you will need the active involvement of your sweetheart or you can still seek the advice and help of those who know her best, to work out something that will please her best.

Choosing a Good Design
The advantage of having a custom made engagement ring is that you can choose whatever design you want, and have the best possible ring. Most of the people who do this, choose a vintage ring model and add to it one or two tiny stones – the result will be that you have a stunning diamond ring which would make everyone green with envy; within the budget that you have.

In order to improve it further you might do some research and find out what her birthstone is. You can then add small birthstones in the setting, making the custom made engagement ring all that more special to your loved one. If a birthstone is not an option because of price or quality, or even color, then choose a color that is pleasing to the eye and not very outstanding in color.

Be A Team: Good Practice
The best idea is for you and your loved one to choose the custom made item together, ensuring happiness on both ends and ensuring the bank doesn’t get broke. After all, saving some money for the honeymoon is just as important as picking the perfect engagement ring. If price is not an issue when choosing the engagement set, then make sure all possibilities are explored before making the final decision. There are so many stones and designs to choose from, it can literally take months to decide on the right ring, so plan accordingly.

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